Saturday, September 4, 2010

From Universe to Multiverse

This explaination of a multiverse in plain language is part of a process of changing the way humanity thinks about reality. It is as earthshaking as the Copernican Revolution. What if multiverses exist? What does it mean? How long will it take for a society filled with forty per cent of its members thinking existence is less than ten thousand years old.

This video has at least two ideas that are new to me. White holes? White holes are the opposite of black holes. They are spots where massive amounts of material are spewed out from a single location...a lot like the singularity that produced the big bang. This Time Article written in the 1970's shows just how far behind I could be.

The second idea is more of a reminder. Dark matter is not made up of atoms. Dark matter is around twenty per cent of the matter in the universe so what we learned in school about all matter being composed of atoms is not true. At least some dark matter is non-baryonic. This leaves me with some very large and difficult areas of farther study.

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